What We Do

MTI focuses its efforts on purchasing, rehabbing, and reselling residential properties.


MTI seeks to purchase its properties at significant discounts to current market value by acquiring them though auctions, bank relations, short sales, and through standard sales channels in each of our focus areas. Having done business successfully in these areas, we have earned the trust of those in the residential real estate market and are fortunate to have numerous deals brought directly to us through our reputation.

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Operating Divisions

MTI’s Acquisition division is responsible for finding and purchasing properties that will enable MTI to realize substantial capital appreciation on the sale of each property. In making these acquisition decisions, MTI conducts significant title research, views each property, among a variety of other things helpful in enabling MTI to make the best possible decisions.
MTI’s Rehab division is responsible for taking every acquired property and preparing it for resale. This includes clearing all taxes and liens, conducting the occasional eviction, and completing any construction or miscellaneous maintenance required on each property. All construction is sub-contracted out to construction crews in the Company’s respective operating regions. MTI believes it has built highly positive relationships with construction crews and suppliers that enable MTI to achieve lower than average costs in lower than average timeframes when rehabbing each property.

MTI’s Resale division is responsible for marketing and selling each property in MTI’s pipeline. The Resale division’s activities are conducted through a team of real estate agents. These agents have been specifically chosen to market and sell each property in specific areas that they are the most knowledgeable of.