Specialized Team


Co –Owner, CEO, and founder of MTI Capital, Luke McCarthy focuses his efforts on finding new projects and investment opportunities, managing investor relations, and managing the overall operations of MTI Capital.  Staying ahead of our ever changing market, Luke maintains close relationships with other trusted real estate professionals, respected economists, and researches key economic indicators to ensure MTI Capital is leading the way in California real estate.

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Co-Owner of MTI Capital and COO, Brian Bladen is focused on overseeing all MTI Capital projects, managing contractor/ vendor relations, property management, and managing the overall operations of MTI Capital.  Being on site and a visible presence at our projects and with our vendors, Brian has found it to be crucial in building relationships of trust, and ensuring that our projects are thoroughly completed with a quality we can be proud of.

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CFO of MTI Capital, Seth oversees and manages MTI Capital’s day to day finances.  He is also responsible for keeping the books for each of our investor’s capital investments.  He continually strives to find more efficient and cost effective ways of operating our day to day business.  Seth also assists in efforts to locate potential project leadsand other creative business opportunities.

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Chris G.

Project manager with MTI Capital, Chris works directly with all general and sub -contractors in planning the work which goes into each Ventura County project.  He is responsible for making sure each project is kept on budget, on time, and to code.   Chris has many years of experience in contracting and building which have greatly impacted the success of our projects and allowed us to take on more complicated projects.

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Chris P.

Lead Analyst and office manager, Chris is responsible for researching all potential projects and reviewing their title and tax records.  His title knowledge is extremely valuable in the decision making process on each potential project.  Chris plays a key role in acquiring properties and coordinating the efforts of our field team.  He also manages all day to day office activities.  Chris comes from an extensive title background.

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Project manager and investor leads specialist.  Todd manages projects for MTI Capital and coordinates the efforts of our contractors on all of our Santa Barbara County projects.  He also spends a significant amount of his time researching potential project leads, through his vast network of contacts.  Todd has been instrumental in MTI Capital pursuing multi-million dollar projects.