About Us

Who We Are

MTI Capital Inc. (“MTI” or the “Company”) purchases, improves and remarkets undervalued residential real estate, in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. MTI operates primarily out of three functional areas / divisions: Acquisition, Rehab, and Resale. The Company’s executive offices are in Ventura, CA and its telephone number is (805) 275-2020. MTI Capital Inc., a California corporation, was incorporated on October 31, 2006.
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Financing and Liquidity Strategy

MTI began with a single investor’s capital and has to date grown using friends and family capital offered to it. In a few select cases MTI has employed third party debt capital on an individual property basis to free up its own assets for additional purchases.

Going forward, MTI is evaluating financing alternatives that are intended to be beneficial for all parties. Primarily, MTI is considering lines of credit made available by lending institutions, which would be intended to reduce the paperwork and increase the speed at which MTI is able to access the funding and flip properties. MTI will evaluate any new financing arrangements with the utmost diligence, prudence and care, not desiring to expose any investors or members in any of MTI’s operating entities to undesired or unforeseen risk.

If any additional leverage is taken on, MTI will expand its existing risk controls and may consider establishing a capital reserve to help prevent any adverse consequences to the portfolio.

With regard to liquidity, MTI from the beginning has endeavored to return properties to market as quickly as possible. MTI does not wait for perhaps the highest possible bidder on each property, but rather takes advantage of offers it believes are reasonable given its investment in each property and its understanding of local market valuations. Not only does this reduce MTI’s exposure to each individual property, but MTI believes that it will be able to achieve both greater returns for its investors and lower risk in the portfolio by maintaining the velocity at which it turns over homes.