[blank width='full-width' content_before='' content_after='' last=true]MTICapital_HomeImage[/blank] [separator width='full-width' content_before='' content_after='' last=true]undefined[/separator] [blank width='one-third' content_before='' content_after='']About Us[/blank] [blank width='one-third' content_before='' content_after='']What We Do[/blank] [blank width='one-third' content_before='' content_after='' last=true][/blank] [blank width='one-third' content_before='' content_after='']MTI Capital Inc is a boutique real estate investment company founded in 2006 and headquartered in Ventura, CA. MTI purchases, improves and re-markets undervalued real estate in all of Southern California. MTI provides investment opportunities to the private equity sector and continues to yield strong returns."[/blank] [blank width='one-third' content_before='' content_after='']MTI focuses its efforts on purchasing, rehabbing, and reselling residential properties. Having done business successfully in these areas, we have earned the trust of those in the residential real estate market.

To learn more, visit What We Do.[/blank] [separator width='full-width' content_before='' content_after='' last=true]undefined[/separator]